Our Breastfeeding Tea is any breastfeeding mum’s best friend!

Big thanks to our lovely customer who posted this fantastic review of New Mama breastfeeding herbal tea on our website…..buy yours here!

Breastfeeding Herbal Tea - New Mama


I’ve waited ages for it to come back in stock and it was worth it. Amazing to help my supply. Breastfeeding mums best friend”. Alison W.
Thank you Alison for the review.

New Review of Raspberry Leaf Tea – Ready Mama!


We just got this new review of Ready Mama and our Bump to Buba Tea Range! Big thanks!

mama tea pregnancy tea



 “I used READY MAMA given by my friend and it really work from contraction to delivering my baby took only 6 hours. So I bought this package for my friend in Netherlands. Ellen Antheunis”

Ready Mama Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy

Valentines Gifts for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women!


Valentine’s Day is around the corner…..if your wife, girlfriend or friend is pregnant or breastfeeding, why not treat them to one of our delicious Tea and Biscuits Valentines Gifts

Valentines Day Gift for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women - Mama Tea



We have included 10 seal-wrapped Mama Tea Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Herbal Tea bags in this featured gift but more selections will be going up on the site over the next few days! Our Mama Tea pack is gift-wrapped with a little red heart ribbon – cute!

Valentine's Gift for Pregnant and breastfeeding Women - Mama Tea



We have included our favourite Scottish Shortbread! We have included 16 mini Demerara & Cinnamon shortbread biscuits – yummy!

Valentines Day Gift for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women - Mama Tea



Our little gift pack also comes with a little tag that says “YOU ARE MY SWEETIE”, so you can write a little something on the back!


Valentines Day Gift for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women - Mama Tea

Pregnancy Gifts coming soon….but in the meantime……..

We all love presents, don’t we? Well, here at Mama Tea HQ, we have obviously been drinking far too much herbal tea, as we are launching a new Pregnancy Gift range coming very soon…….

In the meantime, as a little taster, we thought we would offer our wonderful customers the option to purchase some Mama Tea Taster Gift Packs for any new mamas-to-be. It lets you or your friend sample all of our Mama Teas. Oh, and it just looks lovely, with a little Mama Tea bow to finish it off!

Just dreamy…….! Cute Mama Tea Taster Gift Packs available on this dreamy cloud here!

Pregnancy Gifts Mama Tea

First Mama Tea Internet Order delivered direct to Germany!


We are delighted to make a little announcement here today at Mama Tea. We gave birth to internet deliveries DIRECT to customers in Germany!!! Hurrah!!!

Are we a little bit excited? Oh yes!

Thank you to our lovely customer in Germany who sent us this pic of the safe arrival of our little Mama Tea package…..


We can delivery anywhere in the world, so if you are interested in buying Mama Tea, please visit our website at www.mamatea.com. You can get  free delivery if you buy our bumper packs at £17.25!

Drink mama tea and be happy!:-)

mama tea pregnancy and breastfeeding herbal tea germany

Pregnancy Tea

Here at Mama Tea, we take pregnancy very seriously….oh, and we love herbal tea…..that means only one thing! Mama Tea!

pregnancy tea mama tea

The Mama of Mama Tea, Anna Simpson, created the natural and caffeine free Mama Tea range after suffering from two very difficult pregnancies. Anna wanted to create a natural range of teas that women could drink from the start of pregnancy through to the birth of buba and also to breastfeeding afterwards.

Anna Natural Pregnancy Teas

Therefore, Anna created Mama Tea, a range of teas that help women from the start of pregnancy with morning sickness with our ginger tea through to pregnancy heartburn with our delicious spearmint tea We also have a lovely rose petal raspberry leaf tea that tastes delicious for birth preparation! Lastly, we have New Mama the best nursing breastfeeding tea there is!

Mama Tea Pregnancy Teas

We have a discount code,”mamatea19” until the end of January and FREE DELIVERY for UK and International orders over £17.25 (our “bump”er packs!), so if you are pregnant, Drink Mama Tea!

Elderflower Tea for Pregnancy

Elderflower for Pregnancy

elderflower for pregnancy mama tea

Why is the herb elderflower

so good for pregnancy?

The herb elderflower has diuretic qualities and diuretics increase urine flow. The flowers help the kidney action by relieving fluid retention, getting rid of toxins, and clearing heat from the body by way of the urinary system.Therefore, it is a natural way for pregnant women to clear toxins from the system.

Elderflower is also very effective at relieving fluid retention, so this is a brilliant herb for pregnant women to take who are suffering from fluid retention.

It is also completely caffeine-free and 100% natural, so what’s not to like?

It’s the reason that we included it in Glowing Mama, along with rooibos, dandelion (also great at helping with fluid retention) and echinacea!

elderflower and rooibos herbal tea for pregnancy mama tea

History of Elderflower

The herb elderflower has been used for four thousand years and is reportedly the oldest herb cultivated by man. In the Middle Ages, the elder tree was believed to be inhabited by a spirit known as the “elder mother” whose permission was needed if ever the tree was to be pruned. The lady gave her consent by remaining silent but inevitably felling elders was considered to be bad luck. Such respect was understandable, since the elder was a complete medicine chest. The leaves formed the basis of a “green ointment” for sprains and strains, the inner bark is a strong purgative, the berries – a good source of vitamin c – provided protection against colds and infections, whilst the flowers are strongly anti-catarrhal.

mama tea elderflower tea for pregnancy

English herbalist, Henry Box of Plymouth, England says, “…for colds, influenza, fevers, inflammation of the brain, pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs,) stomach, bowels or any part, this is a certain cure. I have never known it to fail, even when given up to and at the point of death. It will not only save at the eleventh hour, but at the last minute of that hour. It is so harmless that you cannot use it amiss, and so effectual that you cannot give it in vain.”  “Dr. Edward E. Shook, Advanced Treatise in Herbology, 1978.”

Australian and like Free Delivery? Then we have lots of Mama Tea for you!


Mama Tea Australia

We can now offer FREE DELIVERY to Australia if you buy one of our Bumper Packs of Mama Tea! BUY A BUMPER PACK HERE!

Each Bumper Pack contains 5 cartons of Mama Tea.

Bump to Buba


You can treat yourself to one of each of our pregnancy and breastfeeding teas – our Bump to Buba range. It contains natural caffeine free teas to take you or a loved one from the start of pregnancy through to to breastfeeding the new buba!

New Mama Breastfeeding Tea

new mama breastfeeding tea

Alternatively, you can buy a pack of five flavours. Why not try our bestselling breastfeeding tea – New Mama?