The best herbal tea in the UK


As the Mama of Mama Tea, it is fair to say that I would have a natural bias to claim that Mama Tea herbal tea is he best herbal tea in the UK. However, once you try your Mama Tea, you will realise that I am right!

Why are we different from other herbal teas?

It is quite simple; Mama Tea herbal teas taste good! Whilst most herbal teas taste “healthy”, ours have a complex and interesting taste that matches up to the delicious smell of the teas once brewed! Why not ditch all of the outdated other herbal teas in your cupboard and start afresh with a set of our five delicious blends.

You will never need another herbal tea.

How do we achieve this great taste?

As the Mama, I guess I am like a lot of people and I don’t have a developed “tea” palate. However, I do know when something tastes bland, boring or just plain awful! Therefore, I decided to work with a Master Tea Blender to try to come up with a range of herbal teas that tasted good! It was a collaborative effort, but I think it has paid off! He used his traditional skills to craft a beautiful and delicate taste for every single one of our herbal teas.

What else is different about these herbal teas?

We have used the very best quality herbs that we can get our hands on. We also have made each blend a complex blend of lots of different herbs, therefore, you get a complex taste on your palate without any trace of the underlying bitterness.

The best way to sell this idea that Mama Tea produces the tastiest herbal teas in the UK is best tested by you. So send me an email on and I will send you a free sample!

Happy brewing!
The Mama


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