Mama Tea’s Social Media Experiment

Here at Mama Tea, we love everything about making and sipping some delicious teas. The bright office space is always filled with the refreshing aroma of various herbal teas, and thus none of us here have ever experienced any Monday morning blues.
If there is anything that we love as much as the teas is social media. You can “Like” us on Facebook or “Follow” us on Twitter and we are always here to respond to your requests and keep all our followers happy. By sharing rich media content in the form of YouTube videos and interesting blogs or anything interesting that we stumble upon, we like to spread the good stuff around just like we do with our teas.
The love for social media has prompted us to try out a new experiment. This social media experiment is going to be one a kind which involves crowd sourcing and in particular, crowd tasting. To get a general idea about crowd sourcing, you can visit this interesting website. While the intricate details about the experiment are still being worked on over a cuppa tea, we can tell you that this experiment will be on similar lines to what this car manufacturer did and its going to take place on the weekend from April 29th to May 1st at the Scottish Baby and Toddler Show in Glasgow.
Keep yourself tuned in and watch this space more details.

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