Mama Tea’s PR and QR

Well its Easter and we at Mama Tea decided to go down to the beach to roll some eggs. But guess what, we could hardly see each other amidst all that fog. While we were unwinding and laughing away on a long Easter weekend, all of us surely had our thinking caps on. Whether it was the unconventional setting or the cold weather, we came up with quite a few ideas for our social media experiment in the Scottish baby and toddler show.
We surely would have loved Apple to provide some of their lovely iMacs and iPads for the event, but the mama has her own and you might still see them on the day. We are all very excited about the event and have lined up a lot of great ideas. For starters, we have live streaming of the event from the mama’s pods and this live stream is going to be take place on this very blog, thus giving you a feel of a virtual conference. How cool is that? If at all you are waiting for the kids to come home or getting late for the show, you can see what mama tea is upto by just visiting the blog. We will also make sure that you don’t miss out on the Royal Wedding when you come to the show to visit us.

The other major dish on our plate is the Facebook competition. We will be revealing more about it soon here. There are some really exciting gifts to be won, and we are getting them custom made for the show. All we can say is that we are going to use QR codes. So if you have a smart phone, don’t forget to bring it along and have some fun. If you don’t have one, don’t worry. We have already made some alternate arrangements. Pay close attention to our QR code. It has mama tea embedded in it !!!


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