Mama Tea Ready For The Scottish Baby Show

Right!!! We have been talking a lot about our Social Media Experiment or SMEx as we will be referring it to from now on. The past couple of weeks at our office have been great. Along with our very own teas, we have had our share of sugar bursts in the form of some wonderful Liggy’s cupcakes.
The mama is really pepped up for the Scottish Baby Show and is very excited to meet a lot of new people. After all it is going to be a consortium of “mamalicious” minds. We are very busy in our office making sure that everything is set up properly from the iPads to the last tea cup. In order to enhance the social media experience, we have brought the whole tea shop to Facebook. Yes, Yes!!! Check out our latest addition in the form of a virtual shop in an effort to make it even simpler for all our customers to buy mama tea. We have finally managed to integrate the e-commerce aspect of the business on our very own friendly Facebook fan page. No wonder we love social media so much.
We look forward to seeing you all this weekend where you can meet us, taste the teas, participate in the competition and walk away with some really cool prizes. Yes, we are making you an offer that you cant refuse and thats just because of the sweetness of the offer. Join hands with us and participate in this social media experiment, for all we know the sky is the limit for mama tea.

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