Mumpreneur – paradigm shift

Hey everyone,

This is a big hello from a fully fledged “mumpreneur”! I LOVE being a mumpreneur. I know there are lots of business women who hate this tag/name/title. Who cares? Call me what you want. All I care about is BEING THE CHANGE. I am the change. I am a mum, who started a niche business from my dining room whilst looking after my two young children. My business is now successful, we have moved into an office and are looking to raise money to allow us to rapidly expand Mama Tea all over the world. I am soon going to be the CEO of an International Tea Business. Does that sound better than Mumpreneur? Again, who cares? I am a mum, I am drive, I am determination, I am success, I am confidence, I am a woman, I am an entrepreneur. I am all of these. Most of all, I am change. Mumpreneurs represent a paradigm shift. We are all part of the change! We are powering on, despite challenges, like any entrepreneur.

So, call me a Mumpreneur and I will love it!

Mumpreneurs ROCK!!!!


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