The latest Mama on the block – New Mama

New Mama is a lovely addition to the wonderful family of mama teas. So what is so special about this tea? To look at, it is packed in a soothing orange box. If you smell it, you can get the sweet aroma of fennel and lemon balm. The taste, well, it is out of this world !!!
The New Mama is mainly a breastfeeding tea. The Fennel Seeds, Nettle Leaf and Fenugreek Seeds are “galactagogues” that encourage breast milk production and flow. These herbs not only aid lactation but are also good for indigestion. The Liquorice Root is a natural remedy for constipation and gives the tea a naturally sweetish taste. Red Clover eases mastitis and Nettle Leaf is a good source of calcium that also stimulates milk flow during breast feeding. We added Lemon Balm because it can help with post natal depression.
Now that you know all about the benefits of drinking New Mama, take a look at some of the flower bunches that have been thrown at it!!

“It tastes rich, creamy and full bodied, and is one of the most interesting herbal teas I have tried” – 99 Kettles Review.

“I had my baby in November 2010 and my Mum went to Tesco for me to do a big shop to help out in the early days.  I’m so glad she did!  She came back with a box of New Mama tea which has proved to be a life saver for me.  I’m exclusively breastfeeding, currently into month 5 and I also express an extra bottle a day to donate to the local Milk Bank to aid the recovery of premature babies.  Not only do I really like the taste of New Mama Tea but I most definitely see an increase in my supply after drinking it.  So, after expressing, I have a cup and then I’m happy and confident knowing my supply will replenish quicker.  When I run out of tea bags I definitely notice a difference.  Another bonus is that I’m usually a big tea and coffee drinker (two sugars, loads of milk – very bad) so in drinking caffeine free Mama Tea it’s better for my baby and also better for my waistline!  I’ve definitely lost weight ditching the sugary drinks.  Thanks Mama Tea!”

Gemma Ray
Even Twitter is full of love for the New Mama.

“If fennel tea puts you off, you haven’t tried New Mama by @mama_tea – had it this morning and it was like a big hug in a tea cup! Thank you!” – @castrofontoura

“It’s great isn’t it?! Like magic! RT @plasticrosaries: @gemmadeeray I have new @mama_tea It worked! I exploded and was all leaky” – @gemmadeeray
The New Mama has in fact been the best seller and the most loved tea. We have also heard from some of our happy mamas that even the dadas have been caught drinking the New Mama. After all, no one can resist the taste and goodness of the New Mama. 

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