Iced Mama Tea

The weather is getting warmer so cool down with an iced Mama Tea!
The sun is out (well, sort of here in Edinburgh) and picnic season is upon us. Iced tea is very refreshing and a great way to stay hydrated in hot weather – plus, it’s incredibly easy to make!
Traditional Southern Iced Tea is made using black tea and calls for a hefty amount of sugar so switching to herbal tea instead of black will cut your sugar intake without sacrificing taste. Perfect for lazy afternoons in the park.
                                            Image courtesy: Breezymama
The technical bit:
Follow the usual brewing instructions using 1 tea bag per serving and cover the tea bags in approximately an inch of water (if brewing multiple servings in a jug, use 2-3 inches of water) and let the bags steep for 5-6 minutes to allow the tea to properly infuse.
If you like your tea sweetened, add a little honey (our favourite), stevia or sugar now and stir to dissolve.
Top up your glass/jug with cold water, ice cubes and a garnish of your choice (Hawaiian umbrellas are optional).
The Mama recommends
Cuban Mama – tear up some spearmint leaves and add some crushed iced to Cool Mama for a mock mojito. It’s a great way to end a summer BBQ.
Sweet Mama – add a little elderflower cordial to Glowing Mama for a super sweet treat.
We hope you enjoy the suggestions and let us know if you enjoy Mama Tea iced or if you have any other recommendations!

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