Oh Mama Tea, I feel good now

A bad start to the morning, a bad day at work, kids testing your patience, stamping on fresh dog poop or just a simple thing as a grumpy bus driver might put you off and probably spoil the rest of your day. However, the difference between a bad day and a good day is as simple as seeing a glass half empty or half full. While how a person perceives the world is a decisive factor, people generally resort to alternate methods to enhance their moods and get the feel good factor back into their lives.
There are numerous stress busting activities or in other words feel good activities that one can resort to. While most of then can get addictive, some of these addictions actually help you and some really don’t. Music has been known for its mood enhancing and fatigue fighting benefits. Music when combined with dancing can not only be a very enjoyable addiction but can help you stay fit as well. Activities like these can only help you to “Step Up” to the occasion.
Coffee and sodas seem to have the same effect on some people as a result of which they get addicted to them. While both of them contain caffeine which helps one to stay up, excessive drinking of colas have reportedly caused kidney stones and rendered some obese. Apparently 80-90% of the people in UK drink coffee everyday and this source of keeping you artificially awake has a lot of side effects. Caffeine increases the production of adrenalin, the effect of which lasts for a couple of hours. After its effect dies down, it leads to possible depression and a feeling of low. Not to mention the long term side effects in the form of stomach burns, insomnia incessant headaches and even heart attacks.
The birth of Mama Tea actually took place as a result of the amalgamation of a lot of above mentioned elements with the main essence of “feel good factor”. While most herbal teas do not score high on the taste factor, the beauty of Mama Tea lies in its taste, in fact The Mama has made even Raspberry Leaf tea taste good. Another challenge was making it caffeine free as a result of the above mentioned pitfalls of caffeine. Caffeine free infusions combined with the goodness of naturally occurring herbs and roots make Mama Tea not only tasty and delicious but most importantly induce a “feel good” factor into anyone who drinks a hot cuppa. One of our customers even called it as “a hug in a cup” which emphasizes the fact that Mama tea is a feel good tea which packs a lot more than taste and goodness in every cup.

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