The Mama’s Inspiration

Being an entrepreneur and especially a mumpreneur is definitely not an easy job. Over the years, the Mama has found inspiration in various things and in some really awesome female entrepreneurs. This post is dedicated to all those who have inspired the Mama to raise the tea cup.

The first one is Alison Grieve and her invention of Safetray. Safetray is a perfect example of how a simple idea can be made big. Back is 2009, Alison, an event manager witnessed an accident involving a tray laden with champagne toppling over at an important function which led to the conception of an idea for Safetray. Today Safetray has been enthusiastically welcomed by the hospitality industry and can be seen in numerous bars and restaurants throughout UK.

Kirsten Lord is one of those people who have turned their passion into business. She is a perfect example of how doing what you love the most, can be turned into a business. Kirsten started the Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre after moving to Edinburgh in 1991. Her previous studies in music has helped to treat numerous professional musicians. She has previously dedicated her time to scientific golf research and is a recognized UK golf physiotherapy expert. Recently, she is working on a very exciting, innovative project and is always one step ahead. With Kirsten, you can always expect to “be in safe hands”.

The next one the list is Abigail Stevens who decided to dream big and has accomplished it in a big way. Abigail started Think Global Recruitment in 2000 in Edinburgh by identifying a global shortage and a subsequent demand for accountants. Today Think Global Recruitment has offices all over UK, Ireland and Australasia placing numerous finance professionals all over the world. Abigail’s success reminds me of the famous saying ” It takes 10 years to build a business that becomes a success overnight” .

Laura Rigney is a Mumpreneur just like the Mama whose latest venture called as Pitcher House is aimed at helping other budding entrepreneurs to put their ideas into action. With a strong background in sales, Laura started Pitcher House in 2010 which provides a wide range of services including mentoring, preparing a pitch and pitching your idea to prospective buyers. Laura has provided the Mama with a high pitched inspiration and is bound to a provide that extra push and kick to go up to anyone who prefers a pitcher!!


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