The Ubercool Tea- Cool Mama

As the name itself suggests, there is something very fresh, cool and soothing about the Cool Mama. For starters, it can help with heartburn and is also very calming for the central nervous system, so is a good tea for helping induce sleep!
The main ingredient, Spearmint Leaf is carefully chosen over peppermint as its is gentle and the latter is not recommended for pregnant women, as peppermint can slightly irritate the stomach lining. The blend of Chamomile Flowers and Marshmallow Leaf is very good for digestion and when combined with spearmint, can take the heartburn away.
“To be honest, I thought this would be just another mint tea, but I was wrong” – 99 Kettles Review

“This is my favorite as I feel it helps with the common pregnancy complain of indigestion and heartburn” – Whats On 4 Little Ones Review
Cool Mama is a perfect drink after dinner as a caffeine free alternative or just before going to sleep or even when you feel like enjoying a cuppa sitting on the porch. As the name itself suggests, it can also be had as an iced drink during summer. A cup of Cool Mama hits you like a cool breeze down the avenue, but only here every word you utter after drinking the tea feels even cooler.

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