Morning Sickness, the Fertility Goddess and a cup of tea…..

Ok, so your 100th pregnancy test has said yes, or has two ever so faint lines, and you are OFFICIALLY pregnant!!! Congratulations! You feel on top of the world, you feel like kissing everyone and jumping up and down……, stop, right there. Jumping? In your condition?? Mother Nature has other plans for you, missy! She clicks her fingers and wham, centre stage, we have the entrance of that aromatic, stomach churning goddess of the newly pregnant, MORNING SICKNESS.


She is coy, wafting her soft aroma that instantly renders the newly pregnant sick as a dog. And, she is good, this one! If she gets it right, she spreads just enough scent to get you feeling nauseous, not sick as such but permanently and achingly nauseous. All day and all night. Every second you are awake in fact. So WHY OH WHY, is she called MORNING sickness? She claims to be present every morning and will ease up on you during the day but from personal experience, this just was not the case. I had Morning Sickness by my side 24/7 until week 20 and week 24 respectively.

She may bring with her sickness, but in ancient times, people believed that symbols such as the Venus of Willendorf and images of Artemis and Aphrodite represented the image of the fertility goddess. As you can see, there are a LOT of fertility goddesses!


Dreadful as this condition is, it is thought to serve an important, evolutionary function; to protect both the fetus and the mother (who often will have a lower immune system during pregnancy). If you feel sick, it is unlikely that you will ingest foods and drinks that might harm your new fetus. I think that this is obviously important but it is a dreadful condition to endure at the time. So your fertility goddess is protecting you right from the start!

What can you do to help ease off the worse effects? Inhaling or ingesting ginger root is one of the best known remedies for morning sickness. That is why we made it the main ingredient in our Morning Mama early pregnancy tea. Women have been using herbs like ginger root since prehistoric times for ailments such as morning sickness. However, we made this tea deliberately subtle on the nose, so that the overpowering smell of ginger would not in fact make you feel MORE sick! The other ingredients in this tea…chamomile root, lemon balm, orange peel and lemon peel all help with nausea and upset stomach, so is a good place to start. Also, try eating very small amounts of very bland foods, like crackers; sometimes this can take the edge off the sickness, even though it seems counter-intuitive to eat something when feeling sick. Fresh air is good even though you may not feel like leaving your toilet! Bizarrely, I used to find grapefruits also gave me some relief!

I also like the BBC website on nutrition in pregnancy

Best of luck with Ms. Morning Sickness, ladies. Get some ginger root and embrace your fertility goddess because you have a tiny person now, growing inside you. I know it isn’t easy to think like that when you are feeling sick all day, but it will pass and all will be good.

Take care
The Mama
Check out our website for more information on Morning Mama. 

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