Raspberry Leaf Tea as inspiration to this Mama

It was a cup of “hairy” raspberry leaf tea at 42 weeks pregnant that tasted like old dishwater that inspired this Mama to find a way of making it taste good! Raspberry leaf is a bitter herb and on its own, tastes pretty bad. However, it is a fantastic herb for birth preparation in the last stages of pregnancy, as it stimulates the uterus and this means that it can help to kickstart contractions. It can also work with your contractions during labour, to make them strong and powerful.

I used a Master Tea Blender to blend my raspberry leaf blend, to make it taste good and I consulted with one of the top Medical Herbalists in the UK, to advise me on exactly the nest herbs to use in a birth preparation tea – Ready Mama.

 Therefore, we decided to put Motherwort into the blend (this is also a powerful uterine stimulant) and rose petals to provide a relaxing aroma for labouring mums. In fact, we are the only herbal tea company to use Motherwort, which is an ancient and powerful herb for labour.

I did eventually go into labour naturally, just over 42 weeks pregnant and managed to have a 6 hour labour with the first baby and a 4 hour labour with the second baby, so I was pretty lucky. Give Ready Mama a go and best of luck!


The Mama


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