The Caffeine Diaries Blog

Ok, hands up who is NOT addicted to a cup of the brown stuff??? I thought so! As the Mama of a delicious range of herbal teas, I drink my Mama Teas all day long, BUT I still have to have a cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Ok, so I am addicted! But I want to give it up. And boy, is it hard to kick the coffee habit……good ole Starbucks eh?


So I decided to look into coffee and specifically caffeine in a bit more detail. Obviously, my main area of interest is the effects of caffeine in pregnancy and the effects on the fetus. I have discovered that there is a LOT of information that we all need to know about caffeine and in particular pregnant women. Therefore I decided to write the Mama’s Report on Caffeine. Report.jpgAs this will be quite a lengthy report (available to download soon from the new website!), I will be producing the Caffeine Diaries Blog alongside it – a daily blog with a new fact about caffeine every day!!


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