Birth Preparation

Ok, so you are packing the hospital bag for the big day! What to put in it?? There are a multitude of brilliant blogs/websites/articles for the regular items…..have a peek at these….(incl a very handy checklist)


My own personal list (in addition to the above!) goes something like this:

iPod WITH speakers and a very random selection of music. I started with monk chanting music (breathe, breathe), moved to classical (breathe, breathe, breathe) to Franz Ferdinand “Take Me Out” (I kid you not!!) for the pushing stage.

A straw (see item 4 below!)

Chocolate (really good for afterwards)

Ready Mama birth preparation tea, AKA raspberry leaf tea. Ok, so you are thinking of course, you are going to say that. Well, hear me out. It not only helps you with your contractions, it is hydrating, is 100% natural and is also really GOOD for IMMEDIATELY after birth, as it helps to bring the uterus back together and stop the bleeding. Good to drink throughout labour too, made up as an iced drink (this is where the straw comes in). Kinda nice to know that you got your very own birthing tea there with you whilst you are in labour, helping you along.

Just don’t let the dada drink it!!

The Mama


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