Caffeine in Pregnancy

I refer to this post:

I think it is admirable that attention is being drawn to caffeine in pregnancy. Here at mama HQ, we are conducting our own report into the effects of caffeine in pregnancy, however, some things should be pointed out, in order to give women the true picture:

The fetus CANNOT process caffeine in the same way adults can. Caffeine passes through the placenta to the feotus, therefore it is very bad for your growing baby, as it cannot process it and get rid of it in the same way.

Caffeine consumption has been linked to miscarriage in pregnancy. There are actually scientific studies confirming this, so why would you take the risk?

It has been linked to low birth weight and a host of other problems on birth.

It will raise your blood pressure; especially not good during pregnancy.

At Mama HQ, we are drilling down into the actual detail of why caffeine is so bad for your baby and we are going to publish that report soon. As caffeine is so addictive, we are also going to launch a “Come off the Bean Programme” to help wean you off your daily cuppa (it is extremely addictive as it is an “opiate”)

In the meantime, try to move to decaff (still contains caffeine) and then gradually off that, if you can. It is our opinion that NO amount of caffeine is safe.

Watch this space!

The Mama


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