Mama Tea’s 11 Rules for Perfect Tea Making

George Orwell famously protested: “There are 11 rules for the perfect tea making, rules from which nobody should dare depart.” Orwell’s article for the Evening Standard in 1946 illustrates why we have an endless love for tea.

British people and tea have long been associated as a natural fusion. Well, we do drink on average 165 millions cups per day.  Tea making is part of our daily routine and a good cuppa is as important to us as tonic is to gin …OK, maybe not. But here at Mama Tea it certainly is.

Mama Tea’s 11 Rules (they’re not all scientific, but they keep us happy):

  1. Keep Calm and Drink Tea: According to the team at the University of Northumbria’s School of Life Sciences, being patient is the key to the perfect cuppa. Here at Mama Tea, we couldn’t agree more; making tea is a calming antidote for a busy day.
  2. Bring Back the Teapot: our mission is simple: we want to see teapots back in business. We adore pretty teapots that have been designed and painted with an artistic flair. Have a wee peek at our favourites on Pinterest: Teapots
  3. Be Inquisitive: send Mama Tea your questions! We love receiving questions and queries from our customers. We’d be more than happy to share our knowledge of all things tea-related with you.
  4. Tea to go, please! Entering the daily hustle and bustle of the commute to work can be a bit…soul-destroying. So, why not add a cuppa? Yes, please.
  5. This Mug Belongs to the Boss: your favourite mug. Just like Miranda Hobbes from Sex And The City liked to drink from her mug: ‘Harvard Law Class of 1990’, we all have a favourite mug too.
  6. Tea Storage: we like our teas to be full of flavour, so where we store our teas is vitally important for achieving the optimum taste. That’s why our teas can be found in small sachets to conceal the flavour and aroma. It’s OK; you don’t need to thank us.
  7. Perfect Preparation: boil your water and let it cool a little – this way the herbs won’t get burnt and will taste at their best. Leave to infuse for three minutes, then put your feet up!
  8. Serve Your Tea With Style: in Russia, it’s common practice to add raspberry jam to tea – a little sweet for your sweet, perhaps?
  9. Love a Lift: tea gives you a lift (in spirits). Our teas are caffeine free, so you can drink as much as you like!
  10. Share With a Friend: tea making has long been associated with the forming of friendships and sharing of secrets. Take inspiration from Alice in Wonderland and have a tea party with friends – why ever not?
  11. Have Some ‘Me’ Time: love your cup of tea.

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