The Truth About Exercise – 4 Days into our Experiment!

Four (we’re counting in office days) days in and are we seeing/feeling any benefits from our daily speed walk?

Well the good news is that we’re still motivated and we’ve succeeded each day in getting the trainers on and walking and, apart from one dropped and therefore broken phone, there has been no negatives.

The noticeable effects so far;

  • It’s great to get out of the office, away from the computers and have a bit of fresh air in the middle of the day
  • There is not the same afternoon energy slump, in fact it is almost non-existent now!
  • It’s spurring us on to try and eat a bit healthier
  • We get to enjoy the beginnings of spring around us.

Hopefully over time we’ll become aware of improvements to fitness levels too, walking a little bit faster and covering a greater distance. I could see this getting competitive and we’re already thinking about timing certain routes and measuring distances!


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