I Don’t Know How I Do It!!!

As a mumpreneur, I was interested in the new movie with Sarah Jessica Parker  – “I Don’t Know How She Does It”, where SJP plays a stressed out career mum. This movie is based on the novel of the same name by Allison Pearson, so being an avid reader (when I am not being a stressed out mumpreneur!), I thought I would read the book first.

The book describes the chaos the underlies the London based character’s life pretty well, however, I found the pathos and guilt regarding her juggling motherhood with a career too much. It was a bit depressing to be honest! Saying that, it was hilarious, acidic, manic and was a colour photocopy of the crazy world of a career/mumpreneur in so many ways. The film on the other hand was the Boston based low-carb, fat-free, fun-free version……..they managed to rip out all of the sarcastic leg-slapping hilarity and replaced it with a cardboard cut-out. They avoided the pathos like the plague – here is slightly dippy, slightly crazy mom. Er, “book mum’ would have challenged ‘film mom’ to a drinking game, had a stand-up fight and then borrowed her Louboutins, all whilst trying to keep her two children happy!

I thought I would do the Edinburgh based Mama version:

6am – cat scratches me awake wanting fed, watered and let out. This is the first member of the household that will want all of their essential needs met before 7.22am (if it’s a good day!)

anytime before 8.20am – must find enough time to at least shower, brush teeth, negotiate first tantrum, dress, pack all business items for the day, get every spare item for school (i.e. interesting homework assignments), get children in state ready for school, deal with next tantrum, dry hair, “style” hair,                 

put on make-up, have my breakfast. If any of the said items take up too much time (i.e. really BIG tantrum), then you can start knocking off the items of my list in the descending order. So, there will be days when I will leave the house with a “clean” face, wet hair (lovely curly look today!) and no breakfast.

School Run – I could be a taxi driver, calculating the speediest way to school whilst carefully working out the hold-ups of the numerous Edinburgh roadworks. Arrive “on time” and then hit the office. Exhausted!

A little insight into How I Don’t Know How I Do It!

The Mama of Mama Tea


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