The Mama Tea Woman

As inspired by Colin Gilchrist’s Spencer Clothing woman in the recent Scotland-on-Sunday article by Ruth Walker (here), we have come up with the Mama Tea woman.

The Mama Tea woman is full of contradictions and does not satisfy a checklist; enjoying quiet nights in, wild nights out, countryside and city, heels and flats. She can live anywhere and enjoy it, believing it to be true that the people make the place.

She does not allow age to define her, she can feel like a sprightly 18 year old one moment and then feel wise and 80 moments later, in reality she’s probably somewhere in between.

She has lots of relationships and roles in her life; she’s a lover, a daughter, a mother, a friend, a career woman, an entrepreneur. She could be any of these when you meet her on the street, no single role defines her yet all of them shape her.

She has friends from each strand of her life and appreciates what each one brings though she probably doesn’t spend as much time as she would like with many of them.

Ultimately the Mama Tea woman believes that life is what you make it and is defined by what she achieves. She does not have a label she just is.


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