Happy Birthday to Mama Tea!

As we celebrate Mama Tea’s third birthday with lots of tea and cake we’re also reminiscing over some of the highlights of the last three years and thinking about the good times that are yet to come.

A major high shortly after launching, four weeks after to be precise, was to have Waitrose say “we want to stock you”, and by the end of year one Tesco were wanting us too! All this time the Mama was pushing a double buggy with one hand and holding a laptop in the other.

In 2010, there was a chance to get dressed up for the night and have some fun as Mama Tea won Best Start Up Award at the Mumpreneur awards.

It was then time for Mama Tea to venture further afield and go on it’s first foreign trip, heading to San Francisco, one of the greatest places for food and drink in the world. This journey was topped off by visiting “Mamas of SF”, an amazing San Francisco tradition of great brunches and queues round the block.

Hot on the heels of the American adventures came the excitement of an interview for the Mama on ITV’s Daybreak, meeting Adrian Chiles and Christine Bleakley in the process, and giving them some tea of course!

Whilst we’re celebrating the highs of the last three years we’re also looking ahead to the good things that are still to come and the places that Mama Tea will go. Our fourth year will see us on the shelves in Boots and hopefully selling in the internationally. Ultimately though what we want to celebrate most is our loyal and growing tribe of amazing customers, we love hearing your stories and sharing Mama Tea with you.


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