#mamateamap – Our Journey So Far…..

We’re going to let you in on a secret, we’ve split up! Some of us are in London, some of us are in Edinburgh and some of us are heading to Glasgow. We had a strategy meeting and realised that splitting into groups would allow us to spread our reach further and quicker.

Our journey so far has seen us exploring Edinburgh…

1. The Usher Hall

escaping at the usher hall, edinburgh 2escaping at the usher hall, edinburgh

2. Teuchters on William Street

teuchters, william street, edinburgh....#mamateamaps

3. The sun of Inverleith Park

Enjoying the sun near Inverleith Park, Edinburgh.....#mamateama

Them we headed across to Fife in the rain….

4. Kirkcaldy

Kirkcaldy in the rain!

5. Cupar

Cupar, fife the mamateabags are travelling....#mamateamap

We want to be drunk so if you find us, drink us and enjoy us. We won’t be in any one place for long and we’re trying to spread mama tea as far as possible, by the time you read this we could be on our way to your town!

Follow our journey on Twitter and Instagram using #mamateamap and on Foursquare (mamateamap) follow our list of “places mamatea has been spotted“, see if you can guess where we might go next and if you find us you know what to do, just don’t forget to tell our fellow teabags we’ve found a good home!


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