Caffeine-free Tea – the top 3 myths!

Caffeine-free tea

Myth No. 1

Green tea is caffeine-free – false! Green tea has in fact got caffeine in it. Green tea is made from the leaves of the camellia sinenis plant, the same plant as black tea comes from. Green teas are all different and some are lower in caffeine than others, brew time also affects caffeine content of the final drink but green tea is not naturally caffeine-free.

Myth No. 2

All herbal teas are caffeine-free – false! Most herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free but there are some exceptions, and it can’t be taken for granted that because it is herbal tea it is caffeine-free. Jasmine tea may sound like a herbal tea but it traditionally contains black tea as well, guarana berries from South America contain caffeine and are found in herbal teas and some species of holly found in herbal teas contain caffeine.

Myth No. 3

Decaffinated tea is caffeine-free – false! In much the same way as decaffinated coffee is not 100% free from caffeine, decaffinated tea is not 100% free from caffeine. The caffeine is removed from the tea by either a chemical or water soaking process. Whichever process is used a minute amount of caffeine is left on the leaf.


3 thoughts on “Caffeine-free Tea – the top 3 myths!

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  2. Oh my! I really love this post! I never knew about these myths about teas until I read this blog. My mom and I are avid tea drinkers. At least I now know facts about teas. Thank you so much for sharing this very informative post!

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