Mama Tea’s on the Telly!

Mama Tea on the Telly

Five to one on the 16th May 2012 and we’re trying to find the BBC news channel on the BBC website, this is it, this is Mama Tea’s debut on the national news. How has the piece been edited? How much of Mama Tea is going to be shown? Will my hair look a mess? We have no idea whereabouts in the news broadcast we’re going to show up so the Mama settles down at 1pm on the dot to watch as I keep checking emails. I’m assuming the business bit will be way down the pecking order, and after the headlines at least.

Then there we are at 1:01pm!! Lead story on the news about the economy and unemployment figures released today, first person to be interviewed as part of the feature is the mama. We’ve collapsed into giggles and laughing so much that we miss what is said and I’m busy thinking I can’t believe they used a shot of me packing boxes of tea.

Barely has the mama finished speaking on the report and the phone rings, it’s an enquiry about the tea, they’d seen us on the telly! The phone call over and I realise it’s only 1:04pm, our national news television debut complete and I still don’t know what the mama said! I suppose I’ll just need to watch the 6pm news now to find out….


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