Nettle tea and me!

Have you ever done that thing where you read a magazine article and think that thing they’re talking about will sort me out/change my life/make me slimmer only to discover it isn’t the miracle answer you hoped for? Well a few years ago that was me and nettle tea.

nettle tea

I read an article about how nettle was good for improving your liver function and at the time I was socialising a lot and felt my liver and body were taking a bit of beating with what seemed to be a constant flow of alcohol and rich food, so nettle tea it was, this would be my saviour. I duly headed out to the nearest deli and bought some, then it was straight back home full of anticipation for my new found friend. Long story short made a cup of tea and couldn’t drink it- it was so disgusting! Romance over, the box of tea went to the back of the cupboard.

A few weeks later I was visiting a friend and I was recounting the story of my brief affair with nettle tea and low and behold does she not produce a box from her cupboard with a pretty much identical story!

Nettle has traditionally been made into a “spring tonic” to cleanse the body and it is known to have diuretic properties, hence it’s role as a cleanser and the thought that it aids the function of the liver. This all being said if it’s not in a palatable form, we’re (or I’m) not going to benefit from it.

new mama

Enter Mama Tea and more specifically New Mama, which contains nettle. The Mama has made it palatable, more than palatable in fact it’s enjoyable! Okay that’s a wee bit of shameless plug for our teas but the story above is true and it is also true that Mama Tea has worked hard to find a way to make herbal tea taste great at the same time as capturing the goodness of the herbs. So don’t be put off herbal tea by one bad experience, give Mama Tea a go!


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