Accessorising Mum

I’m an accessories girl, I love my beads, scarfs and bangles and for me no outfit feels complete without them so I thought I would have a look to see if there were any childproof, i.e. chew and grab proof, accessories available for mums to consider.

The first company I found was Gumigem with the tagline “teething with style”. They have a range of jewellery designed to be stylish and cope with the demands of a small child.


The jewellery is made from baby safe silicon, the same as conventional teething toys and each necklace has a breakaway clasp that will release if a child pulls too hard. This looks like a really lovely, well thought out stylish product created by Jenny MacLaughlan, a mum-of-two from Scotland.
Then next company I then came across with some interesting looking jewellery was mamajewels (not related to mama tea). Amanda Waring was on a mission to design a necklace that “a baby can’t break, can be washed, sterilised and is completely non-toxic for when babies chomp on it,  but still looks gorgeous”.
Fleur Teal Teething nursing necklace
Amber heart teething nursing necklace
Mamajewels have a wide range of styles and products on their website, including some of the Gumigem products, which made it really hard to choose just two photos for this post but does mean there should be something to suit everyone’s taste.
Another company I soon came across was Monkey Mama, this has also been created by a mum who was wanting to create jewellery that was stylish and safe for her child to play with. Not all her jewellery is designed with teething (but is safe for going in the mouth) in mind but it is all designed with grabbing and pulling in mind.
Resin Nursing Necklace  - Bright Rainbow - Non Toxic Breastfeeding Necklace  /Babywearing Necklace
Nursing Mom Necklace - Non Toxic Resin Nursing Breastfeeding Necklace - 'Twiddle Buster' - Chartreuse Green and Lavender Purple
Some of these necklaces are very colourful and will definitely appeal to children in place of a toy when they’re in your arms.
All three of these companies offer bespoke jewellery design. Depending on your own personal style and taste I was pleasantly surprised to discover there are is quite a variety of jewellery available online that is designed to be childproof. I have not discovered any high street retailer offering child friendly and stylish jewellery but if you know of any let me know.

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