Mama Tea’s Jubilee Tea Party

morning mama jubilee art

It’s Jubilee weekend and it’s time for a tea party! Come rain or shine there is nothing more quintessentially British than a cup of tea, a cucumber sandwich and cake. Here’s Mama Tea’s Jubilee tea party recipe.

Cucumber Sandwiches – We’ll be making simple cucumber sandwiches in advance, cutting the crusts off and then using cookie cutters to cut into small bite size shapes.

Cupcakes– This weekend we’ll be baking cupcakes that match the flavours of our teas so we’ll have ginger and chamomile infused cupcake topped with ginger buttercream icing (Morning Mama), rose petal and raspberry leaf cupcake with rose water flavoured icing (Ready Mama) and rooibos and elderflower cupcakes with elderflower cream cheese icing (Glowing Mama). Let you into a secret, in the past the Mama has been known to buy cupcakes for a tea party.

Tea – Of course we’ll be drinking Mama Tea! It’ll be served in lovely vintage china and if it’s a hot day there’ll be iced tea as well. Ready Mama makes a lovely iced tea served with a sprig of mint.

Decorations – For Jubilee weekend there is only one option and that is the colour theme of red, white and blue. We’ve got some bunting and flags and we’ll get some red, white and blue flowers as well.

Then all we need to do is enjoy a cup of Mama Tea with friends!


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