How Mama Tea Created that Picture!

mama tea jubilee

If you follow Mama Tea on Facebook or Twitter you may have noticed our current obsession with photography, in particular iPhone photography, Intsagram, Pinterest and other apps for our iPhones. We think visuals can be so much fun and stimulating and they really bring out our creative side in the office. Here’s a quick “how to” guide to create our Morning Mama Jubilee picture.

Step 1

A photograph of morning mama envelopes taken with the built in camera on the iPhone.

morning mama

Step 2

Using the camera+ app on the iPhone the colours were altered and two new pictures were created.

morning mama

morning mama

Step 3

Using a new found app called Fuzel, we created a collage.mama tea jubilee

Then, still on Fuzel, filled in each of the segments with either red or blue morning mama.

Step 4

The end result was then shared across Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter!

mama tea jubilee

It’s lots of fun and all done on the iPhone, have a go!

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