5 reasons to go Mama Tea Bouteaque

Boutique Hotels

The Mama LOVES her boutique hotels…..the stylish wallpaper, the designer touches, the plump pillows, the shiny bathrooms…..she is on a mission to find the best and the beautiful of the boutique  hotels around the world. 

Once she is settled in her boutique bedroom, after her boutique bath, in her boutique bathrobe, she always want to do the quintessentially British thing and have a cup of tea. Now, being the Mama, the only thing that is missing is that relaxing cup of fragrant Mama Tea…..rose-hips melded with raspberry leaf and rose petals……marshmallow leaves sipped in chamomile flowers and spearmint leaves…..fragrant rooibos dancing with elderflowers and dandelion leaves……

So, this is an appeal to the boutique hotels of the world….this Mama needs her Mama Tea on her travels.

Mama Tea Bouteaque

5 reasons to find

Mama Tea in every

Boutique Hotel!

Reason No. 1 – Looks

Looks matter!

Oh, don’t they just!

Stunning designer tea envelopes encasing

dainty teabags reveal the stunning collection of

blended Mama Teas.

Reason No. 2 – Taste

Taste is everything.

The Mama only sources the very best of herbs to

provide the tastiest cup of herbal tea this side of China.

Reason No. 3 – Social

Mama Tea is a social butterfly…….flitting from

tweet to post to instagram with a pretty flick of an app.

Mama is always chit-chatting

and loves her iPhone/iPad/Mac

as much as her teapot.


Reason No. 4 – Natural

Being natural is our thing!

We don’t like nasty additives.

We like to drink only herbs

and think that  everyone else would prefer that too.

Reason No. 5 – Wonderful

Mama Tea is just wonderful.

Ask any of our loyal customers.

We think that all boutique customers

deserve a bit of wonderful too.


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