Case Study: The Birthing Shirt Co.

birthing shirt company

The Birthing Shirt Company is the brainchild of Lindsey Benson, following the birth of her two children and drawing on her experiences she designed the bamboo birthing shirt, a shirt to be your favourite t-shirt that will see you from pregnancy to labour to breastfeeding. The shirt is designed to cover your modesty at all times, expand comfortably with your bump, be practical, flattering and feminine. It’s made of bamboo jersey, a wonderful fabric that is eco-friendly, as soft as cashmere, breathable, warming on cool days and cooling on warm days, to name but a few of it’s properties!

the birthing shirt

We’re very proud of our Birthing Shirt, so we are extremely pleased with the positive feedback, which confirms what we truly believe, that the Bamboo Birthing Shirt effortlessly fulfils its purpose and is a fabulously versatile product”, said Lindsey Benson, founder of The Birthing Shirt Company, “and obviously delighted that we can help women have a better birth.”

The Birthing Shirt Company also sells matching headbands and other birth preparation and breastfeeding products including Ready Mama and New Mama. We are really pleased to welcome The Birthing Shirt Company to Mama Tea’s community of retailers as the birthing shirt is an innovative and well designed product for mums-to-be and new mums.

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