Ready Mama- our raspberry leaf tea

raspberry leaf tea

Raspberry leaf has been used by generations of women to prepare for childbirth, Mama Tea‘s Ready Mama has been created as a birth preparation tea of raspberry leaf blended with rose petals, motherwort, rosehip, hibiscus and echinacea leaf. Each of these lovely herbs add extra benefits to the tea making this a really powerful and tasty birth preparation tea.

Raspberry Leaf

Raspberry leaf helps to strengthen and tonify the womb before birth. Raspberry leaf is also traditionally drunk during labour to ease the contractions and after labour help the uterus shrink back into shape. For non-pregnant women raspberry leaf is recommended to ease period pains.

Rose Petals

Rose petals are traditionally added to teas taken during the later stages of pregnancy for their calming properties and for their fragrance and taste.


As the name suggests this is a herb taken by mothers, more specifically it is a herb that was used in childbirth to calm the mother. It is also a uterine stimulant and in addition to women in labour, it is useful to women suffering with period pain.


Rosehips are a great source of vitamin C and were traditionally made into syrups that are consumed in the winter months when other fruits are in short supply. Rosehips can help improve iron absorption.


A really tasty addition to this tea but it also has the powerful ability to stimulate blood flow. It is used in many cultures either for either menstrual problems or during labour. It should only be drunk in late pregnancy and in labour and avoided at other times during pregnancy.


Regarded as one of the most useful herbs it has been used for centuries for it’s antibiotic properties. It is a very useful alternative to traditional antibiotics for infections in pregnancy.

raspberry leaf tea

Ready Mama is a lovely caffeine-free herbal tea designed for women in the late stages of pregnancy and during labour (we do not recommend drinking it before week 38 of pregnancy) that tastes great whether you’re pregnant or not! This tea makes a refreshing and fragrant iced tea perfect for lazy summer afternoons.

To find out more about Mama Tea’s caffeine-free herbal teas or buy this tea, click here.


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