How to make Iced Tea

ready mama iced tea

The sun is shining so we thought we would share with you our tips for making tasty iced tea. To get started all you need is a kettle and some Mama Tea, then simply boil the kettle, brew your chosen tea, allow to cool and serve. Here’s some additional tips and ideas for great iced tea;

1. Use lots of tea bags

Cooled tea has a milder flavour than hot tea, so use double or triple the number of teabags you would normally use. The exact number of tea bags comes down to personal taste and a little bit of experimentation.

2. Don’t over brew your tea

Use more teabags rather than extending the brewing time to get the stronger flavour required, brewing the tea for longer will only result in a bitter flavour.

3. Cool before refrigerating

Cool your tea in the room before refrigerating, your iced tea can go cloudy if you refrigerate when hot and it’s not good for the workings of your fridge to put hot things in.

4. Have fun with your finishing touches

Once cold, add a few iced cubes and your tea is ready to serve but here at Mama Tea we have a few other finishing touches we like to add;

Morning Mama, Glowing Mama and New Mama – add fresh or frozen slices of orange and lemon,

Cool Mama – add fresh mint leaves,

Ready Mama – add fresh and frozen strawberries (or other berries), and a sprig on mint.

These are our tips for making tasty iced tea but we’d love to hear yours.

Find out more about Mama Tea and buy our tea by visiting our website.


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