Tea and Pregnancy

tea and pregnancy

Here in Britain we all love a cup of tea and putting the kettle on is the answer to everything, but what about when you’re pregnant?

The medical profession advise pregnant women to regulate their caffeine intake (NHS advise no more than 200mg per day) and we at Mama Tea advise pregnant women to cut out caffeine all together (see why here). The focus is often on coffee when it comes to caffeine intake but a pregnant woman, or anyone watching their caffeine intake, can not afford to forget that many teas also contain caffeine. Tea is perceived as having less caffeine than coffee, and in most cases this is true, but the amount of caffeine in black tea and green tea is not insignificant. According to The Mayo Clinic a cup of black tea contains 14-61mg of caffeine and a cup of green tea contains 24-40mg of caffeine, caffeine content of tea is affected by the length of time you brew your tea; the longer the brew time the greater the caffeine content. Therefore with just four cups of strong black tea it’s possible to consume more than recommended by NHS guidelines and, possibly even more surprisingly, five cups of green tea in a day has the potential of pushing you over the recommended level.

It’s no wonder then that many caffeine conscious pregnant women turn to herbal tea as a hot drink alternative, but his isn’t as straight forward as you may think. First off not all herbal tea is caffeine-free! The majority are naturally caffeine-free but there are some “herbal” teas that are not. Firstly jasmine tea sounds like it’s a herbal tea but it does in fact contain black tea and, secondly, guarana berries from South America and some species of holly are both present in some herbal teas and both contain caffeine. Then we get onto the question of which herbs are safe to take in pregnancy; herbs including peppermint, raspberry leaf, hibiscus and motherwort are all uterine stimulants and therefore should not be taken before week 38 of pregnancy; liquorice, is a well researched herb and whilst fine in breastfeeding, should not be taken in pregnancy as it can cause fluid retention and slightly increase blood pressure.

mama tea

Mama Tea is a range of naturally caffeine-free herbal teas specifically designed for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Our CEO Anna Louise Simpson created the range in conjunction with a master tea blender and a leading medical herbalist to ensure Mama Tea was a tasty range of teas that pregnant women, and everyone else, could trust. Time to get the kettle on again!


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