Herbal Tea is not just for drinking!

mama tea cupcakes

We have been experimenting with baking Mama Tea cupcakes and it’s got us thinking of other things we could make with herbal tea for, so here’s a run down of some of the ideas we’ve had.

Herbal tea ice cubes

herbal tea ice cubes

Really simple to make; brew some tea (you may want to make it stronger than usual as the flavour dulls when cooled), allow to cool a bit then pour into an ice cube tray and freeze. To make the ice cubes even more special how about freezing some mint leaves or strawberries or lemon slices in them.

Herbal tea stock

We haven’t quite got this idea figured out yet but, working on the theory that where ever you use water in recipe you could potentially consider using tea for an alternative flavour, we feel there could be potential to use tea instead of stock when making soups. How about carrot soup made with a morning mama stock (ginger and chamomile) or sweet potato soup with a glowing mama stock (rooibos and elderflower)?

Herbal tea sorbet


Similar to the ice cubes and stock, replace the water content of your sorbet recipe with brewed herbal tea.

Herbal teabag eyemasks

cool mama

We think Cool Mama would be particularly good for this one, spearmint to cool and chamomile to soothe. After enjoying your cup of Cool Mama place the teabags on your eyes and relax!

If you want to find out more about Mama Tea or buy our teas, go to www.mamatea.com.


3 thoughts on “Herbal Tea is not just for drinking!

  1. Fabby ideas Mama! Thanks šŸ™‚ ..What about enjoying a soak in the bath and adding a couple of Mama Tea bags in the tub??! I hear ginger as an excellent anti-inflammatory and peppermint very soothing when also used topically on the skin…

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