Inspired by a cup of Mama Tea!

I’m having one of those days that everyone that writes regular blog posts experiences, the day where the ideas for blog posts runs dry and the inspiration is not forthcoming. I’ve done the usual; I’ve scanned the news websites, I’ve read other blog posts, I’ve looked at what’s trending on Twitter, I’ve even stared out the window at the trees imaging I’m Carrie Bradshaw in SATC and still the inspiration still does not come.

view from the window

The view from the window

I was in a good mood this morning as I walked to work, it had felt like it was going to be a good day so this feeling of complete lack of ideas is a surprise. I normally find the ideas lacking when I’m tired or frustrated not when I’m feeling happy and relaxed. I keep checking the inbox in case a really important email comes in that I have to deal with and will allow me to forget about blogging for an hour or two, but no such email appears and I’m still staring at a blank page.

So off I go to make a cup of tea, a very British reaction to any situation. I come back to my desk with my cup of Cool Mama, take a sip and then inspiration hits me; why don’t I write about inspiration or my complete lack of it today! Why did making a cup of tea inspire me? Was it just removing myself from my desk and computer screen for five minutes? I do know that in all aspects of my life I’m normally at my most creative when I’m relaxed, the creative juices often go crazy when I’m on holiday and the ideas flow non-stop. I’m not one of those people that is creative under pressure and I’ve never managed to harness, control or force my creativity. Whatever it is, that cup of Cool Mama has worked as whilst writing this I’ve just come up with another idea for a blog post, looks like my creativity is back for now, thanks Mama Tea!


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