Pinhead Gunpowder Tea | 珠茶 | pinyin | zhū chá

Pinhead Gunpowder is a very famous green tea produced in the

Zhejiang Province  in China.

Each leaf is rolled into small round pellets that look rather like leadshot,

hence its name. Pinhead Gunpowder is rolled into even tighter pellets

than other gunpowder teas, indicating a higher level of skill and quality.

We steeped our Pinhead Gunpoweder for 3-4 minutes in our tasting cup.

Our cute tasting cup.

We then poured the tea into the bowl for tasting. It has a lovely amber colour or “liquor” as it is known.

Look at the leaves unfurled in the cup after steeping – the leaves were virtually

exploding in the cup as we steeped.

The contrast before is stark! However the taste is wonderful! Strong, nutty, wood, earth.


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