The End of Summer?

There was a moment in the movie “Dirty Dancing” (yes, we did love that movie and unashamedly still do!) when you see the leaves on the trees turning, the light has changed and the end of the summer romance is nigh. As teenagers we (or my friends anyway) wished the end of the summer was marked with something as dramatic as a broken heart and the end of a summer romance, in reality it was really just marked with returning to school and everyday routine. Our lives have moved on and we’re no longer looking for that dramatic defining moment but we suspect there is still a moment for most of us when the summer can be called over and autumn is on the way.

Summer office view

The view from our office window in summer, wonder what it will look like in autumn?

There are events that may define the end of the summer for you; the returning to school, university or work after a summer holiday or in Edinburgh the end of the Edinburgh Festival may mark the end of summer madness and signal the settling down for autumn or maybe the start of your favourite TV drama.

There are also more subtle things that might make you think summer is over; a cooler night or indeed it getting dark earlier, the change in the quality of early morning light, the leaves and plants dying back, needing a jacket when heading outside or just not taking a moment to consider whether you need one and just assuming you will!

The change of the seasons is one of the lovely things about living in the UK and we enjoy noticing those small things that indicate a change is coming, it gives us the momentum to look forward to the next season. As for this year, well in the last week we have noticed  cooler evenings, street lights on at 9pm (early for a Scottish summer!), a different quality of light yesterday morning, the schools are back and the Edinburgh Festival is finishing this week- I don’t think we need any more signs that our summer is over and autumn is on the way!

What little things make you feel like summer is ending and autumn is nearly upon you?


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