Tea with your Biscuit?

Having a read of some tea related stories online we found reference to a biscuit and tea tasting guide, fascinated with the idea that there maybe the perfect biscuit to go with your cuppa, or the perfect tea to go with your biscuit, we thought we would investigate.

First of all we realised that the biscuit and tea tasting guide was written/commissioned by Fox’s Biscuits, one of the leading biscuit brands in the UK, but we thought we’d see what we could learn from it about the art of matching tea to your biscuit.

All Butter Biscuits

In the guide this is described as

“a true British classic: a charmingly simple, uncomplicated biscuit, which doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a biscuit made with real butter.”

Butter biscuits are simple and melt in the mouth lovely, the guide recommends eating them with a cup of Chunmee, a light Chinese green tea, as the delicate simplicity of the tea will match the mild sweetness of the biscuits. Alternatively you could try a cup of morning mama, it too is a delicate and gentle tea which would complement the delicate flavours of the butter biscuit.

Ginger Biscuits

ginger snap biscuit

Commonly known as ginger snaps, ginger nuts or ginger thins these biscuits are hard and crunchy with a strong aroma and flavour of sweet and rich ginger. The guide recommends a cup of Chai to drink with your ginger biscuit. Chai is a spicy blend of black tea, milk and spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamon, cloves and pepper. As the guide points out ginger biscuits require “a robust, full-bodied partner”. Mama tea’s full-bodied partner to ginger biscuits would be new mama, a punchy sweet fennel and liquorice blend.

Jam Filled Biscuits

jammie dodger

Otherwise known by us as “Jammie Dodgers” by us. These biscuits feel very British with their jam and cream filling, the biscuit equivalent of scones, so naturally the guide suggests pairing these biscuits with a traditional English Breakfast tea. The Mama Tea suggestion would be to consider our earthy glowing mama to complement the vanilla sweetness of the biscuit and the fruitiness of the jam.

Iced Biscuits

party ring biscuits

This is your iconic childhood biscuit of the ring with pink or yellow or brown icing on it, always present at birthday parties when we were children (maybe showing our age a bit here!). These biscuits are crunchy, sugary and fun. We agree with the guide when it suggests a fun iced tea to drink with iced rings, we would make a lovely iced tea with our ready mama and garnish it with strawberry ice cubes.

Chocolate Coated Biscuits

We love chocolate biscuits with afternoon tea, and to be honest happily eat them with any tea, but the guide suggests complimenting a chocolate biscuit with a cup of a black Kenyan tea which is punchy and full bodied and can deal with the richness of the chocolate in your mouth. If you’re enjoying a chocolate biscuit with your mama tea we would recommend either glowing mama or new mama, both lovely full flavoured teas that will complement the sweetness of the chocolate.

What would your suggestions be for the perfect tea and biscuit combination?


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