Baking with Mama Tea

mama tea baking

I love baking; I enjoy the process of starting with ingredients laid out on the worktop and a couple of hours later enjoying eating something tasty knowing I’ve created it. If there’s a birthday or a party coming up I’ll always bake a cake and if I’m going away for a weekend there’s nothing I like more than taking some home baking for the host but the downside is I have to limit myself to special occasions and gifts otherwise I’d be constantly eating cakes and biscuits and I’m not so sure my waistline would enjoy that! So when we decided at Mama Tea that September was going to be foodie month for us I thought was overjoyed at the thought that I’ve got an excuse to do lots of baking and experimenting, all in the name of work, hopefully the waistline doesn’t complain too much.

I don’t pretend to be a master baker or anything but I really do enjoy the process of creating something, sometimes my creations turn out really well and join the list of things I bake with confidence, other times my creations need some refining and practice and other times for one reason or other they just don’t work! So this coming month the plan for us at Mama Tea is to experiment and see where we can use our teas in cooking and baking as flavouring. My first port of call will be to revisit the mama tea flavoured cupcakes I baked in June. These just need a little refinement to get the strength of flavours right, and once I’ve done that I will publish the recipes and pictures here for you all to try too. Then I think it may be onto a mama tea inspired tea loaf….

If you have any ideas of what mama tea herbal tea could be used to flavour or enhance please post a comment below.


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