Teabag Art

We’ve a theme running at Mama Tea this month of “things to make with mama tea” and one of the discussions has been teabag art and what artists have created with teabags. A little research and we’ve discovered some amazing pieces of art all created from the humble teabag. Here are some of our favourites.

Armen Rotch teabag art

Armen Rotch

Armen Rotch‘s teabag art looks like beautiful pixilated landscapes. We haven’t seen any in the flesh but there are reports that it smells really good too!

Judy Coates Perez teabag art

Take These Broken Wings by Judy Coates Perez

The next artist we found was Judy Coates Perez, who create colourful quilts of teabags. She gives detailed instructions of how to create them if you fancy giving it a go at home.


Valerie Burgoa

This artist, Valerie Burgoa, is recycling used teabags to create this mosaic of colour, we think it looks like wood!

Patina Moon teabag collages

Teabag Collage by Patina Moon

Patina Moon gives us instructions on her blog about how to create her delicate looking collages.

Clare Goddard teabag art

Clare Goddard

Clare Goddard creates dresses, as well as landscapes from teabags.

tea bag drawing

Gorilla in Motion by Austin Kleon

This final one looks like something that may be more achievable by us, Austin Kleon‘s teabag doodles are great fun.

These have inspired us to have a go at some teabag art, wonder what colours we’ll get naturally using mama tea, especially our ready mama. Time to have a cup of tea and think about it, and better not forget to keep the teabag!


3 thoughts on “Teabag Art

  1. Wow! very beautiful designs.
    This is a nice site over here. I think I’ll visit your website more if you post more of this kind of specific designs.

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