Fashion and Vintage Teacups!

We spotted these teacup inspired Mui Mui shoes on Pinterest last week and fell in love! The vintage teacup inspiration, the colour and the fact it looks like a gorgeous shoe had us swooning.

mui mui teacup shoes

Also not long ago we stumbled upon teacup bangles on Etsy by StayGoldMaryRose. StayGoldMaryRose makes jewellery from vintage china.

teacup bangles

Then it gets a little more extreme, and less wearable when we found this dress made from teacups (one for Lady Gaga maybe!). Unfortunately we cannot find any reference as to who created this dress but it was an inspiration for artist Rachel Snider: The Tea Project.

teacup dress

As an alternative to the difficult to wear dress above we found a dress made from teacup inspired fabric, this gorgeous dress is by London based designers Preen.

preen white teacup print dress

Now we’re just pondering the idea of whether the Mui Mui shoes go with the Preen dress to create the ultimate Mama Tea uniform?


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