Tea and Toast Days

It’s autumn in Scotland and today is definitely a day for tea and toast. What do we mean by that? Outside it’s cold and damp and even the beautiful autumn colours aren’t quite as vibrant as they were last week, it’s one of those days when, given the choice, all you want to do is stay warm and dry at home, drink lots of tea, eat hot toast with butter melting on it and watch movies. So here’s our choice of films that we love on tea and toast days.

Rebecca by Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock loved his tea and this movie is atmospheric and dramatic, making you even more glad you’re warm and cosy inside.

Alfred Hitchcock

From Russia with Love

The second James Bond movie is one of the classics, a movie full of suspense and spying.

From Russia with Love

Love Actually

Or any movie by Richard Curtis for that matter, a lovely feel good film perfect in the run up to Christmas and the cold, dark days.

Love Actually

Toy Story

Great film for both children and adults and never fails to make us laugh.

Toy Story Poster

Mamma Mia

Transport us away from the cold and darkness of Scotland to dreaming of summer in Greece and we like singing along to!

Mamma Mia Poster

Like everything the film choice can depend on mood and there are lots more that could be on our list, these five have been selected by consensus of opinion in Mama Tea HQ as movies that we never fail to enjoy. Time to put on the kettle, make a pot of tea and get some toast on the go.

What would be on your list?


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