Mama Tea’s Year

What a year it has been for Mama Tea and where do we start when trying to sum up the highlights of the year but we’re going to give it a go.

Our Customers

It may be corny but it’s very true, the highlight of every day/week/month at Mama Tea is our customers, one particular high point of the year was when we received this lovely testimonial from Andrea Gavin.

“mama tea is a little more than tea…

I first came to know mama tea after I had my youngest son and I was breastfeeding him, I looked for something to help make me feel better after the birth and that came in the shape of ‘New Mama’. It has a wonderful blend that brings comfort and warmth in those early shocking days, and it stays with you throughout. And, my milk supply was positively affected by the tea (thought this was a myth). It along with ‘Glowing Mama’ and ‘Cool Mama’ have became staples in our household.

As I said mama tea is more than tea, add them on Facebook or follow them on twitter and it is amazing to see what one business can do to change the world of so many mums out there!

So thank you, Mama Tea!!!

Andrea x x”

We can’t really say much more without getting soppy, and maybe a little bit teary, but we really do love all our customers, so a huge thank you to all of you.

The Day the BBC Came to Visit

Mama Tea was on the telly and not just any old television programme but the BBC news at 1pm, 6pm and 10pm. For us at Mama Tea HQ there were two highlights in this experience, the first was the day that Hugh Pym and his film crew came to the office to interview us. They were filming a piece on the economy and employment figures and were looking for a business with a good news story, i.e. a business that was growing despite the economic conditions, and Mama Tea fitted the bill. It was fascinating to see Hugh and his colleagues at work and see how much time and effort went into creating a short segment for the news.

The second high point of this experience was the day the news item aired. We had told lots of people but weren’t sure how much, if any of Mama Tea, would be shown. We settled down at 1pm to watch the first potential airing of the item and low and behold there was Hugh Pym and Mama Tea up first! The news segment was also aired at 6pm and 10pm and the rest of that week was spent answering calls and emails about Mama Tea.

The Mama has Lunch at No. 10

The Mama 10 Downing Street

The mama had the honour of being invited to lunch at No. 10 Downing Street in June of this year. Leaders in Scottish business were invited to Downing Street to meet and discuss business issues with the Prime Minister. At this lunch the mama got the opportunity to meet the Scottish Secretary Michael Moore, who she has since had meetings with to discuss female entrepreneurship in Scotland.

Earlier in the year the mama had also been invited to talk at the House of Commons about female entrepreneurship and the political story continued when later in the year the mama was introduced to George Osbourne at a drinks reception prior to the CBI dinner in Glasgow.

The Mama is passionate about entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship, and this year Mama Tea has received support from RBS and their Inspiring Enterprise Programme.

Selling Tea to China

tokyo at night

Another highlight this year has to be the trade mission to China and Japan, not just for the chance to experience the culture and meet some great people but also to realise what great opportunities lie in the East for Scottish and British businesses.

New Businesses

Mama Tea grew this year and two new businesses have evolved from Mama Tea, firstly  Mama Loves Tech, developing our knowledge of social media and sharing that with other businesses, and Keep Calm Tea, a general tea range inspired by vintage tea parties and British tea drinking traditions, both businesses are in the early stages but both are showing lots of potential and it’s really exciting to consider where these could go in the next year, as neither existed at the start of 2012.

It’s been quite a year for Mama Tea and as we all head out for our Christmas Party we can celebrate the year we’ve had and look forward to the year ahead and some more amazing high points!


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