Tea Cosy- when did you last use one?


When was the last time you used a tea cosy? Here at Mama Tea HQ we’ve just been asking ourselves that question, in fact do you even own a tea cosy? These questions were prompted by a discussion about our Facebook cover photo, and indeed the background picture to this blog, and it made us wonder about the plight of the tea cosy.

Tea cosies are traditionally knitted or quilted and have an image of being old-fashioned and dare we say it chintzy! Some of us, at MT HQ, love a bit of chintz and there has been a fashion for shabby chic and all things Cath Kidston inspired but what if you’re wanting a more contemporary number? A bit of searching online though and we found some amazing contemporary tea cosies.

TC Ribbed in Brown Orange and Pink BB

Michaelle McLean in Canada is making gorgeous felt tea cosies under the name Flock of Tea Cosy. Her tagline is fine felt tea cosies with a modern bent.

Modern Knit Tea Cosy - charcoal grey with scarlet red flower embellishment - custom and handmade for you

Yes, this tea cosy is knitted and floral inspired but it is a great modern take on the traditional tea cosy, it is made by Shazzas Knits and available on etsy. There are also some lovely stripped versions without the flower, they are all handmade to order.

Tea Cosy by Hella Jongerius

We also found this modern tea cosy by Hella Jongerius, made of fleece and commissioned by Dutch department store HEMA.

faux fur tea cosy

Or how about this faux fur tea cosy by de Ruig from notonthehighstreet.com. It is also available in different colours and fabrics, it looks like a really cosy place for a pot of tea and when it closes it has a handle on top that makes it very portable.


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