Mama Tea’s top tips for Heartburn in Pregnancy

Heartburn is a burning chest pain that is caused by acid from the stomach moving into the oesophagus (the tube that leads from your stomach to your mouth). The pain usually occurs a short time after eating but there can be a delay. It is thought that about three quarters of pregnant women suffer from heartburn. Here are a few tips to help easy your heartburn;

Drink Cool Mama

heartburn tips

The mama of Mama Tea suffered terribly with heartburn and wanted to create a tea that would soothe. Cool Mama was created to be soothing and calming. Cool Mama is a herbal tea of gentle chamomile flower heads blended with whole spearmint leaves and marshmallow leaves. Chamomile is very good at relaxing the nervous system, so a perfect tea to drink in the evening, before bed. Spearmint is gentle and cooling. To buy Cool Mama (we can sell to customers worldwide) please click here.

Eat Healthily and Avoid Triggers


There is lots advice around food and preventing heartburn, the key points to think about are:

  • Eat small meals, an overly full stomach can contribute to heartburn.
  • Don’t eat right before going to bed.
  • Avoid your food triggers, for most people these include spicy food and/or acidic food (such as citrus fruit) but everyone’s triggers are different and you need to figure out which foods cause you more discomfort and try to avoid them.
  • Sip liquids, similar to eating small meals you don’t want to overfill your stomach too quickly.

Prop Your Head Up

reduce heartburn head above stomach

When in bed you don’t want the acid to flow back up the oesophagus, so propping your head up and keeping it above your stomach may help to keep acid where it belongs. Similarly don’t lie down or bend over immediately after eating, if possible sit or go for a walk to discourage any acid moving upwards and causing heartburn. Let gravity keep acid where it should be!

Wear Loose Fitting Clothes

maternity wear

Comfort will be one of your top priorities when pregnant and loose fitting clothes definitely contribute to being comfortable. Clothes that fit tightly round your waist can put pressure on your stomach and cause acid to travel up the oesophagus. Loose doesn’t necessarily mean loosing your sense of style though, as the cute red maternity dress above shows.

If you have any heartburn tips you would like to share with us please comment below.

To find out more about heartburn and indigestion in pregnancy go to the NHS website.


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