Tea and Beauty Tips

tea cup

We love a really good cup of tea but here a few ideas of how to use tea in your beauty regime.

1. Brighten your eyes – leave used teabags in the fridge overnight and in the morning relax for 20 minutes with the teabags on your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness.

2. Lip toner – apply a warm teabag to clean lips for 5 minutes and the astringency of the tea will make your lips appear smooth. Don’t rinse afterwards.

3. Shiny hair – brunettes can add shine to their hair by rinsing with strong cold black tea after shampooing, blondes can do the same with chamomile tea.

4. Tired feet – soak your feet in cold tea at the end of a long day, the tannins of tea help to fight odour causing bacteria.

5. Sunburn – steep five or six teabags in a bath of warm water and then soak to calm and cool your sunburn.

6. Treat acne – soak a black teabag in hot water for a few minutes (make yourself a cup of tea!), remove from the water and allow to cool a little, then place over the offending acne for up to 10 minutes. Avoid washing your face and the astringency of the tea will keep working on the spot all day.

7. Soothe insect bites – to soothe and reduce itchiness, hold a cold used teabag on the affected area for several minutes.

mama tea teabag


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