What do you drink your mama tea from?

The Mama Tea Office

A quick survey of the Mama Tea office and there are a number of drinking vessels of various shapes and sizes around, we’ve some lovely delicate teacups, a selection of mugs and a few disposable cups, and with exception of the teacups not many of the other drinking vessels can be called attractive and they probably don’t enhance the tea drinking experience but they all serve a practical purpose of allowing us to enjoy a cup of mama tea.

Mama Tea Tea cup

One of our pretty teacups!

History of the Teacup

Tea in China was originally drunk from a little bowl, and when tea first arrived in Europe this way of drinking tea from tea bowls continued. It was in the mid 1750s that a handle was added to the bowl to stop ladies burning their fingers (reference: www.afternoontoremember.com). A gentleman by the name of Robert Adams devised the idea of a little handle on the side of the bowl and he also introduced the saucer. Adams made these cups from a porcelain that was strong but delicate to look at.

Other Cultures

In China tea is still regularly served in a bowl, a gaiwan, with a lid is considered the best way to brew and drink green tea.

Japan is famous for it’s tea ceremonies, and tea here is regularly served in a small tea bowl.

In Morroco, tea is served in tea glasses. These are slender glasses often with brightly coloured patterns.

In Russia, in the traditional tea ceremony, tea is served in a glass that is in a silver glass holder (in effect adding a handle to the glass).

Some of these tea drinking vessels have evolved from practicality and some from ceremony but the one common denominator is that they have all evolved for the drinking of tea.

What do you drink your mama tea from?

Mama's Mug

The Mama’s favourite mug.


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