Royal Baby on it’s way! Where is my READY MAMA raspberry leaf tea?

The Duchess is in labour!

Kate Middleton is in labour! Poor Kate. Labour is hard enough, without the world watching and waiting with bated breath.



With rumours flying around that Kate may to be induced, we thought we would share our Mama’s experience of labour.

Induced Labour

The thought of being induced terrified me. I had done quite a bit of research into the natural chemicals that the body produces to have a baby and it seemed that being induced sped everything up a bit too much. That is part of the reason why I was desperate to try some natural “methods”…..hands up who tried the pineapple-sex-curry technique (not necessarily in that order!)….mmmm……didn’t do a THING for this Mama!




I was then given a cup of “hairy” raspberry leaf tea. It tasted like dishwater. I thought why can’t someone make raspberry leaf tea taste good??!?!? This MOMENT OF INSPIRATION was the inspiration for the launch of Mama Tea, a range of pregnancy and breastfeeding herbal teas!

We blended raspberry leaf with hibiscus, rose hip, motherwort and some other goodies. There are many contenders but none is as effective as READY MAMA!!! We are THE ONLY herbal tea company to use MOTHERWORT in our birth preparation tea. Move aside all other herbal teas……..READY MAMA is here! It is a fantastic birth preparation tea as it contains uterine stimulants that help to prepare the uterus for birth as well as strengthening the contractions.  It is also a good one to drink after birth as it helps to bring the uterus back to normal.





Thinking about my labour, I wish the Duchess the very best….and hope she will be holding her little Royal Baby very soon.





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