Mama Tea – Make a Difference

Mama Tea – a Female Brand

I never set out to create a brand that would just appeal to women; it just developed quite naturally into that! I have always been passionate about women and women being equal to men in the world, but I am no bra-burning feminist!

The idea for Mama Tea came from two very painful pregnancies. Sorry to all the guys out there reading this but I am now going to go into the kind of details that only women will understand….

Morning Sickness

It wasn’t just in the mornings. It was EVERY DAY for 20 weeks and 24 weeks relatively. It completely took the bloom off being pregnant and made me feel awful. From what I’ve heard from other women, I wasn’t on my own….

Pregnancy Heartburn

I had never experienced heartburn before pregnancy and then it hit me like a brick! It was so terrible that it dominated my every waking moment. Balancing eating too little with eating just a little bit too much that would tip you over into heartburn hell. Drinking heartburn remedies like water and wondering what could possibly make it taste a little better?


Like many mums-to-be, I went quite far over my due date with both pregnancies. I was going up the walls! I tried raspberry leaf tea, like many others, but hated the taste of it, so wondered if it was possible to make it taste good??


Luckily I didn’t suffer with lack of breast milk like a lot of others, but I still found it incredibly difficult to get the baby to latch on properly and found the whole experience extremely stressful and I had ENOUGH MILK!! Therefore, I wondered if I could make a tea that helped with both the breast milk production and the stress?

Mama Tea – A brand for Women – Making a Difference

The reasons above are all the practical reasons that I created Mama Tea however the fundamental passion behind Mama Tea is empowering other women. Mama Tea is dedicated to making a difference to women. If that is through a cup of tea that helps with breast milk production or through our supportive social network, we are there for other women. We believe passionately in empowering women, so we are now launching our MAKE A DIFFERENCE campaign to empower women world-wide. We are looking at several different initiatives but are keen to hear from our community for some crowd ideas!

Watch this space for more details but if you have some ideas for how we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE, we want to hear them!

To all the women out there.

Anna Louise Simpson


Mama Tea


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