Nesting – getting ready for baby


Nesting is the instinct to clean the entire house and get baby’s room ready for the new arrival. It tends to kick in around the last trimester and increases towards the end of the pregnancy. It is something that is extremely powerful despite the increased tiredness at that time of pregnancy. But is there more to it than just getting ready for baby?

Adaptive Behaviour

Scientists at McMaster University are conducting a series of studies into nesting behaviour and so far have gone so far as to explain that it is what is thought of as an “adaptive behaviour”.

“Nesting is not a frivolous activity,” says Marla Anderson, lead author of the study and a graduate student in the Department of Psychology, Neuroscience & Behaviour. “We have found that it peaks in the third trimester as the birth of the baby draws near and is an important task that probably serves the same purpose in women as it does in other animals.”

“It ties us to our ancestral past. Providing a safe environment helps to promote bonding and attachment between both the mother and infants,” she says.

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Baby’s Room

So now that we understand this is no frivolous exertion, let’s have a look at some essentials for baby’s room and some stunning examples for some inspiration!


We at Mama Tea are big fans of Stokke Cribs. They go from mini crib and expand as baby grows. Perfect!

image1 82237

Night Light

A night light is a fantastic way to get baby nodding off after it’s feed. It will also stop you stumbling around in the dark when getting up for night feeds! Mothercare has a good selection!


What about this personalised Night Light from Not On the High Street – stunning!


Open Baskets

We think this is a brilliant idea – can store nappies, wipes and all the essentials – get some plain white baskets at your local Homebase or these fancy ones at Amazon and add lots of different coloured ribbons or add colours to match your colour scheme!


Some beautiful Baby’s Room Interiors……

The lovely Room-to-Bloom (what a brilliant name!) designs baby’s room interiors and has some amazing inspiration!

room to bloom childrens interiors

Project Nursery is a brilliant baby room design blog with lots of great ideas!

Have a look at our Pinterest Board for some more inspiration!


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